"The first thing I ask my clients is "Do you have the venue, band and the wedding dresser??"

Anne Fiser and her team are invaluable and highly recommended. It's too numerous to count, the times they have "Saved the Day!!"

- Jonathan Reeves, I.E.C (International Event Company)


"Anne, thank you so much for all of your help with my wedding dress! Given the dress was about 10 sizes too big when I bought it, you are a savior and magical seamstress!! Most importantly I loved my visits for my fittings. You helped to make my time as a bride incredibly special, you were always warm, cheerful and complimentary, it was so comforting to have you there on the day of the wedding as well, your calm and loving demeanor made me feel at ease! I hope to see you soon, all the best to you and your beautiful daughter and grand daughter who also helped."

- Michelle A.


"Anne, I cannot even explain how beautiful I felt in my specially designed wedding dress by YOU!!! Don almost lost his mind when he saw me. I can't belive how you transformed my dress into a fairy princess ball gown. It fit like a glove, every detail you added lovingly felt by me!!! My veil was an absolute work of beauty and artistry!!"

- Nancy B.


Dear Anne, We celebrated our first weeding anniversary two months ago. My dress couldn't have been more stunning! I know you wanted to see pictures of in the dress with my cowboy boots on underneath! We stayed in Corsica during our honeymoon and I thought of your parents. It was incredibly beautiful. Thank you again for your impeccable taste, craftsmanship, expertise and encouragement.

- Hunilla

"Olivia did an amazing job with my wedding dress and custom belt. I felt great on my wedding day and received endless compliments on my dress. The dress fit like a glove and was so comfortable all night. Olivia was so nice, honest and such a pleasure to work with."

- Biana B.


"I wanted to send you some photos. I absolutely loved my dress and love the last minute bolero. I wanted to thank you and your daughter so much for making me feel comfortable and beautiful on my wedding day. I couldn't be happier."
- Emily



"I found Olivia to be very professional and she knows what she is doing! She not only altered my dress (she was referred to me from Vera Wang) but she created a silk scarf and an amazing timeless headpiece. As an added bonus my pieces were wrapped as if they were presents when it was time to pick them up! Such a delight!  She brings an artistic sensibility and years of knowledge to the table and made me feel very comfortable in a somewhat anxiety ridden time."

- Laura A.

"Olivia took my dress idea and turned it into a masterpiece. She guided me and pointed me in the right direction with every detail that came up. Her ideas, experience and skills came together making my dream dress come to life better than I could have ever expected."

- Lindsey




"Olivia, Thank you for fixing my dress and making it fit perfect! You are amazing!"

- Alison

Anne! Thank you for my beautiful wedding dress. I LOVED it! Thank you for making the process so easy, fun, relaxing and wonderful. I always loved going to your office for my fittings. I hope you are well. Thank you again for everything.

-Leah W.

Hi Anne, I wanted to thank you for all your help and hard work making my wedding dress fit like a comfortable glove. I hope you and Olivia are doing well and have a lovely holiday!

-Anne H.


"Olivia, Time flies! My apologies for not thanking you sooner for the amazing dress. It turned out perfectly, and everyone loved it (including me!). I'm happy to recommend you + send any other brides-to-be your way."

- Susannah Ramshaw

Dear Olivia and A Stitch in Time team, Thank you for the beautiful work on my wedding gown. Your time, hard work and talent in making my gown fit perfectly made me so happy! It was a pleasure and thank you for such a gorgeous veil and alterations!

-Kendra M.


"Anne, Thank you so much for all the amazing work you did on my dress. It was absolutely stunning and fit like a dream. I Got so many compliments and didn't have a worry all day or night. Thank you again - I wish you all the best."

- Katy Kelly

Dear Anne, It has been an honor visiting you and having my wedding dress come to life with your talent and chic aesthetic. Thank you for all the time and hard work you put towards my special day. I will forever cherish my memories with you and your guidance.

-Ghazaleh E.